Google has sold 10 million Cardboard VRs

Cardboard VR is one of the cheapest ways to experience virtual reality. Google has just revealed that it has so far sold 10 million of these cardboard goggles working with smartphones.

When VR technology was up and no real goggles were available, Google began selling the product called Cardboard VR, the cheapest way to experience the virtual reality of a virtual reality.

The product appeared on the market in 2014 and is a cardboard case that functions as a VR goggle, which the smartphone inserts. Google has boasted that since launch, it has launched 10 million units of this product. Of course, the American concern is not the only supplier of such goggles, as Chinese companies have quickly come up with the idea of ​​offering their replacement at a lower price.

By the way, Google reported that the Play Store’s current VR applications were downloaded 160 million times, with about 30 of those apps registering more than one million downloads. This shows that VR technology is enjoying great consumer interest.

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