Tesla model s with glass roof

Tesla Motors has announced the introduction of another change to their vehicles that will increase their appeal. As optional equipment for the Model. S, you will be able to order a completely glass roof. Thanks to it, the driver will feel the cabin more open.

The look of Tesla S cars is very controversial. One likes it, others in turn think it is not elegant. The manufacturer wants to change that and announces that as an optional accessory for Model S, the customer will be able to order a completely glass roof.

This is not just a mere sunroof, because this element has been offered for a long time, but a roof made entirely of glass. The price of this option will be exactly the same as the current $ 1,500 for the sunroof.

Electrek will be producing the glass roof, while Tesla’s representatives have announced that the production line has just started, so it will be available in the next few weeks. Tinted glass will not only give the driver a sense of greater openness in the passenger compartment, but also block UV rays (98 percent) and infrared radiation (81 percent), preventing heat build-up.