Gigabit in-car internet

Qualcomm is not only a manufacturer of smartphone processors, but also LTE modems are mobile devices. The company is working on a special version of one of the latest models of such modems for cars. This product will allow you to download data at 1 Gbps.

Modern cars can not do without internet access. It serves not only for driver and passenger communications, but also for downloading new onboard navigation systems, software updates, as well as providing entertainment in the form of multimedia access.

Qualcomm has just announced that the latest version of the X16 LTE will soon be rolling out to passenger cars. This is a modern communications system that is able to connect up to 10 LTE data streams from different operators. In other words, it can retrieve data through several different channels, managing them in an intelligent way, which greatly increases the transfer speed.

In this case, it can even be up to 1 Gbsp, so the download time for new maps for the navigation system will be significantly reduced. There will also be no problems with using, for example, Netflix, to make long journeys easier.