The nissan cars will inform you about the need for a review

Nissan wants to equip its vehicles with a new feature that will facilitate their service. Some of the models needing an upcoming review will send notifications to the smartphone.

Cars should be serviced regularly, as this will ensure their failure. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the dates of oil and fuel replacement, as well as service reviews.

Modern vehicle models, equipped with advanced onboard computers, have for some time reported to the owner of the upcoming review date. However, these options are usually deep sewn on the menu of the on-board computer and sometimes you can overlook the information.

Nissan wants to avoid this, so it announces that new vehicle models will be installed with new systems that will send a smartphone notification of an upcoming review date. The company claims that the feature will be available in next year’s models available in Japan and India, and by 2020 it will also appear on other markets.

Interestingly, the manufacturer does not want to limit this function to new models only. Nissan plans to develop a special device that will also allow owners of older cars. The company plans to equip at least 30 percent of all its vehicles.