The new invention protects against implant recoil

Researchers at the University of Colorado have developed a new type of titanium coating that will work in medicine. Their invention greatly reduces the risk of rejection of implants.

The human body consumes itself over time, just like any mechanism, and then some of its elements need to be replaced. Some of them, such as the hip or knee joint, can be replaced with implant materials made of different materials.

Unfortunately, the body sometimes does not tolerate the foreign body in it, and such an implant is discarded, giving rise to many problems for both the patient and the doctor. The latest state of the art research from Colorado State University, however, may help to avoid them. They created a special titanium coating to cover the thin layer of the implant surface.

The coating acts as a barrier separating metal from organic tissue, blocking any contact between them. In this way, it deceives the body that the implant is an integral part of the implant, not a foreign element, thus preventing its rejection.