New technology will make life easier for the deaf

People with hearing loss can communicate by reading the lips using sign language or a screw implant. Soon there will be another, possibly much more convenient method that has been developed by scientists from the US State University of Colorado.

The technology developed by the scientists is primarily intended for those who are unable to help the aforementioned cochlear implant. Of course, what is developed at the university is not a way to fully recover your hearing, but rather a substitute for it.

The researchers, led by Professor John Williams, have created a special filling equipped with electrodes that installs on the palate of the patient. The device is Bluetooth-enabled with a wireless microphone. Captured sounds are then translated into a series of vibrations that can be read by pressing tongue to the palate. Hardware support naturally teaches you how to translate those vibrations into words, but designers ensure that it is much easier than you might think.