Modern armband for athletes

Major League Baseball has just given its approval for the use of modern straps by the athletes. Devices developed by Whoop will allow you to accurately monitor the work of each player.

In modern sport, achieving results without modern technology is virtually impossible. Advanced systems keep track of the work of the body, as well as the movements it performs, allowing immediate improvement in the accuracy, efficiency and athlete skills.

Such technology is already used in practically every discipline of sport, and now it has also reached baseball. Major League Baseball has just given permission to use modern Whoop players.

These are not typical fitness bands, but more advanced devices that track the pulse, but additionally monitor the ambient temperature, movement, and even the player’s sleep. The collected data can be stored in the band for three days and the trainer has immediate access to the athlete’s fitness for the match. Wearing a bandage is obviously not compulsory, but entirely voluntary.