Google is preparing an improved Nexus 10?

Tablets belonging to the Nexus family are currently one of the most popular of these devices. However, the competition means that the hardware has to be constantly improving, so Google is preparing for a new version of Nexus 10.

Although the tablet has been launched relatively recently, it is rumored that the Mobile World Congress 2013 will be showing its refreshed version with a much better graphics unit than the currently-installed Mali-T604 quad-core chip. This is the right step because tablet users have complained that the current GPU gets a little bit of breath when working with applications running on a 2560 x 1600 pixel screen.

Rumors circulating in the network suggest that the Mali-T604 can replace the 8-core Mali-T628 chip, which would make Nexus 10 the first device to feature the new graphics unit.

Sources that have already dealt with such a fortified tablet claim that the difference in its performance is like between night and day. But as far as the truth is concerned, we will only be able to see for a few weeks.