Qualcomm showed a new processor to cars

Modern cars are packed with electronics, security systems and many other gadgets that require more and more computing power. Qualcomm, a well-known mobile processor provider, at CES has unveiled the latest Snapdragon 820A, designed specifically for cars.

Modern cars are getting more and more computerized and connected to web-based networks, offering their owners many features that many would not even dream of a few years ago. The ever-increasing level of computerization of vehicles entails an increasing demand for computing power that provides functionality to all of these systems.

During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to see the latest automotive solution provided by Qualcomm. A well-known mobile processor manufacturer has shown its latest Snapdragon 820A, specially developed for modern vehicles.

This is yet another generation of this chip, after Snapdragon 602A, which the company presented in 2014. The new chip is based on the 64-bit Kryo cores and features an Adreno 530 graphics unit and an LTE modem for downloading files at a maximum speed of 600 Mbit / s.

Manufacturers who want to use this chip in their latest models will also gain access to machine learning functionality that will allow them to build much better and more useful navigation and infotainment systems.